Texas Local Raw Honey and Handmade Beeswax and Honey Products _ Free Shipping On Orders $50 or More!
Texas Local Raw Honey and Handmade Beeswax and Honey Products _ Free Shipping On Orders $50 or More!
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It's a brand new year! The bees are all snug in their hives during these cold days. We don't open the hives unless t's necessary for January and February. The bees have worked hard to propolize the hive so it has a nice seal. We don't want to disturb that. We will clear entrances and watch for activity on warmer days. March will be time to get back to work and manage the hives. This Spring we will be doing splits. Our hives are at max capacity and instead of stacking more deep boxes, we will split the hives and create new colonies. I'm really interested in Queen Bee rearing. It's something we might possibly try. The only way to succeed is try and learn. The bees are so resilient and manage to impress me more and more as years go by. They always teach us something new. We look forward to continuing this journey as long as we are physically able. Wishing everyone peace, love, and prosperity for this new year!

We want to thank everyone old and new for your continued support, it means so much to us. The best part about doing this, is the people we meet along our journey. We have made so many new friends that have a curiosity about the bees. We hope to continue to offer great Raw Local Honey and all natural beeswax and honey products for years to come. We couldn't do it without YOU! 

If you have any questions always feel free to reach out on Facebook, Instagram, and flyingfancybees@gmail.com My husband and I



  • Janet Lester on

    Sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems 😕 Prayers for you and your husband. Will you please let me know when you have more honey available. Thank you! Jan Lester

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